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George was obsessive-compulsive. He developed an irrational fear of germs in high school. He started washing his hands hundreds of times every day and was constantly taking showers.

Despite his trips to the local hospital, George couldn’t get his disorder under control, and he was eventually forced to leave school and quit his part-time job.

In 1983, depressed and paralyzed with fear, he told his mother he couldn’t go on anymore.

She responded with “If your life is so wretched, just go and shoot yourself.” And that’s exactly what George did. He grabbed a pistol, stuck it in his mouth, and pulled the trigger.

The bullet tore through his skull and slammed into his left front lobe—the part of his brain responsible for his OCD. Fortunately, George survived, and when he awoke from surgery, he found that his fear of microbes had disappeared along with a chunk of his brain.

He’d cured himself with a lobotomy by gunshot. He still had to take medications for his depression, but his overwhelming compulsions were gone.

And this is where I should honestly say this man was extremely lucky; please don’t use this post for suicide. It’s meant to be an educational neuroscience post.

DO NOT try this at home. 9.99999999 out of 10 times you will probably end up in a grave instead of cured.



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when your favorite song plays on the radio:


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20,788 plays baekhyun obviously kkaeb song


Fans in Japan were highly amused by Baekhyun’s kkaeb song


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