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jinseok kiss lmao

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friendly reminder from jungkook that he’s still 17

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perdre haleine x hiphoper

editor: joegg
photo: juskoh
design: sunny
make up :jo se ik

V for Victory

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This guy right here is my idol boyfriend type! :) His name is Jiwon and he is from Topp Dogg (Chinese Sub Unit). He was the new member in MR.MR. but then he left to be in UnderDogg (Topp Dogg’s Chinese Sub Unit) AND HE ALSO SPEAKS ENGLISH! like oh my gwad he is meant to be my idol boyfriend type :D! *squeals like the fangirl I am*

But isn’t he hot??

the man currently destroying every toppklass’ bias list: han jiwon

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Do you see this love triangle?

there’s 2 types of couples…

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